DreamCatcher Rabulaun

(Rabu Farwa x FV Farrubi) is an imposing 15.3 hands, traditionally styled gelding with a giant of a pedigree. Launi carries some of the best old Early American bloodlines available, and they’re as up close in his pedigree as they get. From the Bedouin tribes came the Arabians of early American breeding programs, and Launi’s pedigree is chock full of the original desert imports. Boasting Abu Farwa, Aurab, Farlane, & Rabiycar as great-grandsires, Launi epitomizes the true CMK Arabian. He combines wonderful substance of bone & body with a laid back disposition & charismatic personality, without loss of the Arabian type, beauty, athleticism & intelligence. He has just begun his under saddle career & is proving to be a bold, worthy trail partner. Endurance is in his future & we expect him to be a champion in his own right.

DreamCatcher Rabulaun is truly what a great breeding program is all about.
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