Stallions of Dream Catcher Arabians

Breed for the horse of your dreams. Breed your special mare to the exceptional CMK stallions of Dream Catcher Arabians.

DREAM CATCHER ARABIANS is proud to provide the services of a number of diverse CMK and American Foundation stallions. Our stallions have been carefully selected for their athleticism, wonderful dispositions, style, and early American pedigrees. They carry the bloodlines of such greats as Abu Farwa, Aurab, Alyf, Ben Rabba, Gulastra, Muhuli, Witez II, and Zadir. The exceptional CMK & Early American Foundation stallions of DCA combine the conformation, movement, style, and disposition that epitomize the true Arabian as first imported into America. The Arabians originally imported were characteristic of the desert horses: prized for their hardiness, substance, versatility, stamina, soundness, athletic ability, and intelligence without the sacrifice of presence and beauty. With the traditional "in the tent" dispositions, our stallions will sire foals who are superb companions and family mounts. Dream Catcher Arabian's stallions are characteristic of the early American imports. Breed your special mare to the exceptional stallions of Dream Catcher Arabians.

DreamCatcher Alshain

(Abu Zanzabar x Rojeika) is a substantial, wonderfully minded, athletic stallion who has it all. From a breeding program that has produced a Tevis winner; multiple successful endurance horses; sport horse and dressage winners; Shain is a winner in his own right. He’s not only the 2007 PCASHC Reserve Champion Stallion SHIH and a winner at numerous Class A shows; he’s the 2007 REGION III RESERVE CHAMPION STALLION SHIH! He's also a Sport Horse Nationals Payback Stallion. Shain is a wonderful example of the original Arabian imports of the Early American breeding programs. He is bred in the athletic traditions of legends and champions, and can sire that outstanding athlete of everyone’s dreams. Whether you’re looking to produce an endurance partner; sport horse; or trail and pleasure companion, Shain can give you that exceptional foal. Shain is SCID and LFS clear.

DreamCatcher Rajiyyah

(Saudiasbeauhisah x Alyssa) is a big moving, flashy, grey stallion who proves that wonderful things do come in small packages. Standing 14.2 hands, Raji has bone and substance with a powerful, ground covering trot. He is linebred Skowronek, with two crosses to the great Alyf, a favorite at Kellogg Ranch. Raji also brings some of the best bloodlines from the army remount horses to DCA, with three crosses to the immortal *Witez II, and two crosses to the lovely mare *Zewa. Raji's wonderfully blended CMK/American Foundation/Remount pedigree is an athletic plus for anyone wanting to breed their special mare in hopes of producing their own champion. Raji is SCID clear. On lease to and standing at Thunder Creek Ranch, O'Neals CA, 559-760-8916

Tikis Bay Dust

(Tiki Tessar x Riflana) has a pedigree chock full of champions with some of the best, most athletic blood to be found. He's a shining example of the CMK and American Foundation Arabian bloodlines. Dusty is a wonderful example of the athletic, versatile arabian. He raced for 7 years winning over $71,000.00, which is exceptional for an arabian race horse. He continues to hold a track record at Turf Paradise in AZ, going 5.50 furlongs in 1:10.3. In 2008 Dusty began a second career as a gymkhana horse, proving that arabians can run and win against quarter horses. He's wowed local crowds with his speed and athleticism. Dusty has also won at halter and enjoys going on trail rides. Look for him in 2009 on the endurance trail. Dusty is a true all-around stallion who can give you that all-around foal.

Now owned by & standing at: Dancing Winds Arabians, Oroville CA 916-202-7200 More info

The stallions of Dream Catcher Arabians are true all-around Arabian Horses.

DCA's stallion service fee is $500.00 LFG (this includes the non-refundable $150.00 booking and $50.00 handling fees.)

DCA also stands outside stallions for our clients. Please call for information and availability.